Apple announces iBalls: the ultimate Retina Display (SCOOPERTINO.COM)


Cupertino, CA — Whoever designed the human body did a respectable job — but leave it to Apple to take it to a higher level.

With its new iBalls technology, Apple has created superior eyes. Once installed, iBalls allow you to choose between five different modes of vision: normal, microscope, telescope, wide-angle and sepia.

Even better, iBalls allow you to take 8-megapixel still photos with one eye, 3D photos using two eyes, and upload a 24/7* video record of your life to iCloud in glorious 1080p.

But uploading is only part of the story. iBalls can also tap into your iTunes account to retrieve movies and TV shows, allowing you to be entertained in the privacy of your own head. It’s the perfect solution for boring business meetings, church services and family functions. (HBO is available at an additional cost.)

As Apple’s press release puts it, “What would you rather do — sit through a two-hour business meeting or watch Star Wars Episode IV? With iBalls, the choice is yours.”

Even if you never use the technology built into iBalls, you’ll feel better about yourself. iBalls let you choose from a palette of five colors, so you can finally get rid of the boring peepers you were born with. You can even mix and match to create your own unique look.

iBalls are installed by a higher level of Genius Bar employee — the iGenius — who is Apple-trained to ensure a smooth upgrade. Reservations are available online for the 20-minute procedure.

iBalls have an initial cost of $999 each and require a $59/month subscription. Both natural eyes must be removed prior to installation — but if you have limited funds, you can start with just one iBall, then use the optional iPatch ($49) to cover the vacant socket.

Those who default on their iBalls subscription will lose all functionality, including basic vision. However, in these cases, Apple will provide iBraille training at no additional cost.

* Sleep time not included.

By Lucas Meppen-Negal | February 6, 2012 (Link)

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P – Interest !?!

Wendy Forsythe

I asked myself this question a few weeks ago when I received my invite to join Pinterest. Still feeling the sting of hours of wasted time trying to figure out Google+ I wasn’t anxious to start all over again with yet another social networking site.

After a bit of peer pressure and feeling like I must be missing something, I activated my Pinterest account a few days ago. I was left feeling a little lost and bewildered. What do I pin? Why are my friends pinning stuff? Where do I find the time?

I set up a few boards, followed a few people and went back to my old faithfuls (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). What I wasn’t expecting was the flood of notifications letting me know people were following my pins. After a few days of this, I started feeling guilty because I hadn’t pinned anything!

My biggest initial…

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An Android !


Is the sci fi world that has always been predicted finally coming true? With Android being pumped into just about everything you can think of (from your tv to your fridge, and even from your watch to your car), it might well do. This really just leaves me one devastating apocalyptic conclusion, we’re probably going to have Android powered Terminators…

I’m kidding, obviously… I think… But until then anyway, lets make the most of it.

All in all, the one thing I am taking from this whole situation is just how divided the market is likely to become. On the surface everything looks peachy, doesn’t it? This next story is, for all intents and purposes, something of my own imagining.

Its 7am, time to get up to go to work, so my alarm goes off. I walk into my bathroom, my shower recognises me and has the temperature set for…

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Economy !

MarketMAPS Blog

Disney’s plans for renovation and expansion of California Adventure park will create up to 2,300 permanent jobs by the end of 2012.


This billion dollar makeover, combined with the construction of a new resort in China, the company will be making its biggest expansion ever. Most of the money and needed hands will apply to the almost completed ‘Cars Land,’ a five-year expansion project that offers three rides, a man-built mountain range, stores, and restaurants that look like Radiator Springs, the fictional town from the movie “Cars”.


Our first thought…beyond whether or not this new theme will be anticlimactic or not…is that they better be using a strong visual aid for expansions of such proportions. An accurate geographical portrayal of current layouts, future plans, and construction sites are crucial to keeping an organized and succinct business.


MarketMAPS combines accurate geographical data with custom design, including logos, icons…

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Its great list…

Cut The Crap Movie Reviews

You’ve been patient, you’ve behaved yourselves like the fine young boys and girls you are, and I’m just proud as can be. For those in the know, skip on down, but in case you missed it these past four days:

Day 1: #94 – #81
Day 2: #80 – #61

Day 3: #60 – #41

Day 4: #40 – 21

So without further ado, I now give you the best of the best of the best of the best, as deemed by Aiden.

20. Jane Eyre
Impossible to do the source material justice in a two-hour time span, but this came pretty close. The world would be a better place if more girls read that book.

19. Submarine
Richard Ayoade: remember the name, even if you can’t pronounce it.

18. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
The antithesis of every spy movie we’ve gotten out of the past couple decades, which is…

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Chrome Users: Must have extension !

The Blog

Want to receive notifications instantly, even when you’re not on

Add the new extension for Chrome and as soon as you get a new follower or a new like on one of your posts, a notification will appear in your browser:

Simply click the icon to view your latest notifications:

Start following new blogs without visiting

The Chrome extension also makes it easy to follow sites from your account by displaying a Follow button whenever you’re browsing a site that has an RSS feed.

Clicking the Follow button will add new posts from the website to your reader, and send you an email each time an update is published. (You can change your default email settings if you like.)

When you visit a site, you’ll notice that the extension icon will turn blue, but keep in mind that you can follow blogs…

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